Why are first looks are not only precious but beneficial to your wedding day?!

I’ve shared the top 5 reasons why you should do a first look with your groom below!

40% More Portraits

You’re investing a lot into your wedding photography. With a first look, you’ll receive 40% MORE portraits of the two of you… and those are the images you will decorate your home with! With a first look, you make the most out of this large investment and get the most for your money.

Enjoying The Surprise Freely

You actually get to have intimate time on your wedding day with your man. Most brides don’t realize that when you come down the aisle and totally SHOCK him with your gorgeous-ness… he can’t even tell you how amazing you look. He can’t touch you, embrace you or even SPEAK to you. You have to wait until 30 minutes later when the ceremony is over for him to react and tell you how amazing you look. And after 30 minutes of the ceremony, the reaction isn’t the same as the initial first glance.

Extends Your Day By 3 Hours

First Looks allow you to be TOGETHER and alone on your wedding day. When you and your groom see each other, not only is it intimate, it is your only time to be alone the whole day! You will probably cry and laugh and cry some more… and then that puts in the PERFECT mood for our romantic portraits. Normally portraits are a little rushed after the family formals, and it can be hard to really get back into that “lovey dovey” mode…. especially with family around! When you have just shared your first look, you’re READY to love on each other, and I always capture some super sweet images during those moments!

Your Only Alone Time

First Looks allow you to be together and alone on your wedding day! You’re celebrating your love for each other, take a moment to soak it in!

Diminishes Nerves

You get rid of your nerves! I’d say, literally 1/2 of couples who have decided to do a first look, the grooms were not fans of it at first. However, because they have never experienced their wedding day before, they didn’t know how nerve-racking it can be... but afterward admitted to being SO much more relaxed and ready for the ceremony!