The invitation suite… just one more big expense right? This is an area where a lot of people tend to cut corners, but we don’t think you should. The areas you CAN cut down on include catering, bar service, the use of chargers/special place settings at every table, your wedding dress, cutting your guest list, and skipping favors. There are several reasons why a custom, fully-completed invitation suite is important. 

It sets the tone for your day + Gallery

Your wedding’s overall theme helps prepare your guests for what to expect. Is your invitation loud, bright, and fun? Is it muted, soft, with delicate calligraphy? This helps guests determine outfits and prepare themselves for the fun in store! It also creates a cohesive feel and experience for your guests from start to finish.


I will likely design your bridal details and enhance your images with a color palette in mind. This color palette usually comes from your invitation suite. A grand invitation suite that ties together your entire day will be styled beautifully. Think of it as like an introduction to a book or a story- it sets the scene! 

It helps your florist

Your florist will likely ask for your invitation suite ahead of time. They will design your florals around the overall theme and colors to your invitations. This creates a cohesive look for your guests and your photography. The extra floral pieces from your florist should be given to the photographer to help style your invite suite as well! 

It helps local artists

The big companies like Minted don’t need your dollars! Local artists do this for a living and it’s their true passion. They love working hand in hand with brides and grooms to create a perfect reflection of one of the most important days of your lives. Shopping small helps our local economy and in times like these, that’s always appreciated. Your business does not go unnoticed AND these small companies are likely to go above and beyond to make your product absolutely perfect. 

Some local artists we support include: 

Haley Michelle with @haleymichelledesigns

Jen Kruskamp with @jen.kruskamp

Rachel Pack with @rachelletteringevents

Angie Dickison with @limelillycalligraphy