Hi, Morgan!

I am so excited and grateful that you've entered and have been selected to be a part of this sweet, sweet model call! My idea for this session is a date night at Dairy Del in Louisville, KY! The night will be filled with ice-cream and other treats from Del as we laugh the night away!

The outfit vibes in mind are casual and relaxed! I've provided an ideal color pallet and inspo below! I do recommend straying away from small prints and bright colors. Also, I'm more than happy to help if you need outfit recommendations and link suggestions! Once you do have your outfit selection, please share! I would love to be able to help and guide you to the ideal look for this session!

You are able to secure your date below, please kindly note that the time of the session may differ depending on the location accommodations that may need to be made.

Again, thank you for being down for some fun! Can't wait to meet ya!

xoxo, Halie