Congratulations on your new babe!

As you embrace on this season of life, I recommend taking a moment to soak it in before it really hits. After carrying your babe for months and months, you're finally able to hold them. You get to feed them, stroke their hair, look at them in their eyes - it's truly life changing. My goal is to capture all of those little details that tell their story, their sweet little fingers down to their toes. Focusing on those details that you only get while their a newborn.


Scheduling your Fresh 48 Session

I understand how precious those first hours of life are and love capturing those sweet newborn faces! Once you're heading to the hospital, shoot me a text and another when your sweet babe is here. From there we will schedule a time within 12-48 hours of their arrival! I keep my schedule flexible to work with what works best for you!

Session Timing

The best time for starting your Fresh 48 session is between 9am - 3pm depending on the time of the year. This typically gives the best light and the happiest babe! I understand sometimes with siblings/family members this Fresh 48 time frame is not always possible, but I will do my best to work with whatever time works for your family and new babe. For Hospital Fresh 48's especially, I recommend scheduling in the morning to early afternoon for the best light! We turn off the over head light, open up those windows and let it pour in!


Try to feed your babe shortly before our session. This helps baby have a full belly and be comfortable and happy during our time together! If you would like any feeding/nursing images, hold off and we can do this at the beginning of our session! Also, turn up that heat! Babies are use to being inside the womb, where it's nice and cozy! Crank up the heat and I can guarantee your babe will be comfortable as they are changed or any images you'd like with little to no clothing!

Outfit Recommendations

Wear what makes you comfortable! Some mom's stay in their hospital gown, others bring a robe, or a dress. Do. you. I encourage something that's flowy and cozy! As for colors, try to avoid bright colors. Neutrals and earth tones always are my go to - they photograph beautifully and pair well with any hospital room or nursery!

I encourage moms to bring their own swaddles, hats, headbands, outfits, etc. for babe as well! Outfit and swaddle changes are completely okay and love to include the hospital gear that they provide, it tells such a beautiful story!

What about the NICU?

We have two options if your babe has to go to the NICU. We can do a NICU Fresh 48 if your hospital policy allows us to. As long as the NICU allows for a visitor other than mom and dad, most hospitals have started to allow this again and it's no issue! We can also switch to an in-home session or welcome-home session once everyone is home!

Gallery Delivery

I know how exciting it can be to see professional images of your new babe! My goal is for you to recieve your images while you're still in the bliss of having a newborn! I am to get sneak peeks to you within 1-2 days and a full gallery within 1-2 weeks.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am here for you, to tell your story, and provide images that will last a lifetime.

Lots of love,